The Word of Man

"May your word be worth more than your signature."

  Gone are the days where a man's word was all he needed to be trusted. We are in a world where only a signature has power.

I may be old school in this regard, but I believe that my word is the most important thing I can give someone. And the person who I give my word to the me.

Yet, who actually takes the time to ensure they are keeping their word to themselves? People will treat us the way we treat ourselves, so if we consistently break our word to ourselves others will be free to do the same. This also makes it easier to break our word to other people because we so often do it to ourselves.

THE WORD OF MAN is a short power-program designed to test and improve your word to yourself and others. It is built with the busy man in mind. Fourteen days with a power-coaching session every other day. You will be challenged to open your mind, test your resolve, expand your courage and bravery, and stick to your WORD.

This is a group-style guided transformation. You WILL have to give your WORD to other men and me during the course, and vice versa. You WILL be held accountable. The more you put into this program the more you will get out of it - confidence, energy, self-worth, trust, brotherhood, and masculinity.

THE WORD OF MAN begins on April 15th, 2108. There are a maximum of 25 spots available for men who really want to be more confident, have more energy, be more trustworthy, earn more money, feel more masculine and be a part of an amazingly strong brotherhood.

Group coaching programs and one-on-one coaching programs within Effortless Alpha range from $100 for 2 hours all the way up to $1000 for 4 hours. THE WORD OF MAN, the ENTIRE fourteen day program, is ONLY $97 USD.

DO NOT WAIT for this program to fill up and miss out on this incredible opportunity. Men who value their WORD make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. You already know if you want to do this or not. Be a man of your WORD today.

When you sign up for just $97 USD you will receive a welcome email from with everything you will need in order to get the most out of this program.

The man you are destined to be is waiting for you to show up. Find him at THE WORD OF MAN!