Effortless Alpha

Challenge. Trust. Support. Collaboration. Discipline. Repeat.
The Effortless Alpha brotherhood is where men go to BE more, GIVE more and GET MORE out of life.
In a society where it’s generally accepted that men are expected to be brutally competitive, domineering, and perpetually stoic, The Effortless Alphas give them a haven to collaborate and grow in a challenging yet supportive environment. The brotherhood of The Effortless Alphas is strong, deep-rooted, and, for many men, last a lifetime.
The Effortless Alpha is not about taking away manliness, it’s about expanding on all the things that make men great! When men get together in a unified headspace, with friendly but daring competition, challenging each other to be better than they were yesterday, the opportunities and possibilities that arise are endless and abundant!
The Effortless Alpha brotherhood is designed to be a training facility for men to shed the shackles of their comfortable routines and unleash their passions to the world while growing their Integrity by leaps and bounds.


Our Mission Statement: “To inspire, and create space for, men to access their own potential through the bond of brotherhood where no man feels alone.”


All of us at Effortless Alpha have jumped into our fears, extended our limitations…and broken through! Join us. We will be here to encourage you 100% of the way to fulfilling whatever it is that you want. We have been in your place, we know how to get out of it. It won’t be easy; it won’t be smooth; but DAMN will it be worth it!
Get access to Master classes, group coaching, one-on-one transformational coaching, mentorship and, most importantly, your inner drive. Do it today! Email kscott@effortlessalpha.com to see if this is the right fit for you.

“I must say that when I first heard of the idea…I was a bit skeptical. After joining this amazing group of men, I was very quickly awakened to an incredible world where men can help one another with any issue, struggle, or challenge. I have always been the type to help someone out when in need, but this group of “Alpha’s” is incredible at helping, listening, giving feedback (both positive and critical), and just being helpful towards my goal of being the best “alpha” male that I can be. I have received excellent advice on nutritional information, physical wellness, mental health, and many other great things.
(The Effortless Alphas) offer you the chance of experiencing the same opportunities to improve your life, relationships, careers, and anything else that is in need of refining.
Please reach out …┬áif you feel that you could possibly improve any part of your life. You won’t regret it!” – Joel Newman, Whitecourt, Alberta