Show Up or Stay Home!

Do you ever think about how you’re showing up in the world? Do you ever think about how you’re showing up in your community? Do you ever think about how you’re showing up in your mind and body?

Probably the greatest lesson that I ever received from my mother was one which she would teach me quickly before I stepped out the door of our house every time. She would simply say, “Remember who you are.” As a teenager and a young adult it would often annoy me to a small extent, believing she didn’t trust me to be responsible. But it has been one of the foundational paradigms of my life that has brought me much success, given me confidence and made me the leader I am today.

I’m no longer living with my parents so I don’t have her to remind me to “remember who I am” every time I leave my house (even though she still does it when I visit home!) but I have happily taken the task of doing it for myself. Every day, before I do anything, I say to myself, “Remember who you are.” This gives me a push to work out harder, to eat better, to love deeper and, most importantly, to SHOW UP as the best person I know how to be in every situation of every day. It has become Effortless and a habit because I’ve done it so much over the years.


Over the past couple years I have evolved the thinking and feeling behind it, though. The words remain the same, because the feeling those specific words give me is so important to the process, but instead of remembering who I am I now remember who I am becoming. It gives me an extra edge over other people who don’t have that motivation to be exceptional. Remembering who I WANT to be when I’m dealing with people makes me the Effortless Alpha I dream of being, and makes me SHOW UP, not only for me, but for my girlfriend, for my business partners, and very, very importantly, for my mother.

Take a look at yourself…be honest…do you SHOW UP every day as the best version of yourself? Maybe give yourself a reminder to “Remember who you are.”



3 thoughts on “Show Up or Stay Home!

  1. Great article Kevin. Your mother is a wise woman to ask that question because now it is instilled in you.
    I am becoming more conscious of how I show up for my husband, my daughters, my businesses and my friends. I think I was just living in a state of habitual numbness. Just doing what had to be done. It’s not the way to live, at least not for me anymore.
    Becoming more aware hasn’t been easy but necessary. Thanks for the reminder to be aware of how to show up.

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