A Brand New Brand!

Introducing the new Effortless Alpha brand!

What does it mean? ————————————————————

We change, we adapt, we grow and continue on for the better. It is incredibly Masculine to be able to handle whatever situation comes our way with grace and power. In that vein, as I grow and my coaching business grows and the Effortless Alpha community grows, I have felt the overwhelming urge to re-brand the Alphas with something that better suits the heading.

I absolutely loved the old logo and what it stood for, and will continue to use the hawk as a physical symbol of focus, dedication, determination, boldness and discipline. But as I grow as a man I wanted a logo, a brand, that could withstand the test of time and I believe I have found it!

You are no doubt familiar with the Jungian archetypes of man: Warrior, Magician, Lover and King. Supposedly all four have a place within each of us and they are utilized at different times when needed. So, why a triangle instead of a square? Well, I have a slightly different approach that I believe is even more powerful and far less complex. (If you’d like to get to know more about the archetypes from Robert Moore, click here for the link to the kindle version of his book.)

If you’ll notice in the logo there are three lines connecting each corner of the embossed triangle to a central point. My belief, and the way I am encompassing my own Masculinity, is that the three corners of the triangle represent the Warrior, Wizard and Lover while the central point is the Leader. You see, for the Masculine Expansion to occur in each of us the Leader in us must be present at all times in order to maintain the chaos of the other three. A man run by just one of the other archetypes is out of control. He needs the Leader in all aspects to maintain order, continue to grow, and become an amazing role model. Notice, too, that the Leader is neither higher nor lower than the rest (creating a pyramid), but on the same level. The best Leaders in the world can lead from any position. They do not require to be at the head nor do they require to be behind, but they exist among the rest.

This is the path of the Masculine Expansion. This is the growth of a man so that he may lead the life of his desires. Join the Effortless Alphas (https://bit.ly/effortlessalphas) on Facebook! It’s a free community for men to find the Leader within themselves. Then, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the release of the Launch Date of The Masculine Expansion Program (https://www.facebook.com/groups/themasculineexpansion) .

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