The ONE thing you NEED to succeed…

The First Word in Effortless Alpha is “Effort”

So what’s that ONE THING that YOU NEED in order to be successful in life? Is it Effort? Is it Money? Is it Knowledge or Power?

I’m going to give you a HUGE secret of the marketing industry right now. Drum roll please!!!!

Here’s the answer: there is no ONE THING. It doesn’t exist!

Sales people or marketing firms will lead you to believe that THEIR ONE THING is “THE” thing that will make you rich or successful, muscle-bound or laser-focused. However, each one of those is a money grab. There is no ONE thing that will EVER make me, you or anyone else successful.

Does this mean their program or product isn’t useful? NO! I’m sure whatever they are selling can be tremendously helpful in you achieving your dreams, but I would like you to know this: if you decide to buy or listen or watch that ONE THING then put it into use ASAP, then go get the next ONE THING and integrate it ASAP, then go get the next ONE THING, etc.

There are 72,843 things you need in order to be successful in life (that statistic was made up on the spot with absolutely no research but you get what I mean). How do any of us know which one of those is going to be THE thing that takes us over the edge? We don’t.

That’s why the Effortless Alphas are such an important part of a man’s growth in life! The first word is “Effort”. An Effortless Alpha doesn’t get to any level of success without first putting in the effort. Each of us must have what I call the 3 D’s. Desire, Discipline and Determination. He becomes an Effortless Alpha through discipline and determination by practicing daily the traits that he desires to see in himself. And even just those three won’t get him where he wants to go but they’re a damned good start.

It would be great if there was just ONE THING we needed to do to have the life of our dreams but only because we’ve been drawn into a life that promotes instant gratification. Effort, hard work on self, and passion aren’t seen as “masculine” traits by today’s general society.

NO LONGER! We, the Effortless Alphas, are taking men to new heights, new levels of confidence, and becoming the role models for the men of tomorrow so that the world can end up in a better place than where we sit today! We choose to be the captains of our own lives, putting the pre-conceived notions of the general society aside so we can each live our own life to the fullest that WE desire!


If you’re a man and this resonates with you feel free to join the Effortless Alphas FB group. It’s free but the value and the brotherhood are priceless.

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