The World’s Most Valuable Currency and Commodity

Money is the driving force behind so much of our world.

The almighty dollar drives businesses to produce and sell. It drives people to work their tails off, it locks people in cycles of anxiety, it pits man against woman, man against man, and woman against woman.

Money is also just a beautiful piece of paper or metal or a number on a screen. It can take us to places we’ve never been before and it can give us experiences we’ll never forget!

But as powerful as money seems to be in each of our lives there are two things that hold more sway:

Time and Relationships.

In this blogpost we’ll discuss our most valuable commodity: Time.

As the human race has expanded and evolved we’ve, unfortunately, lost the value of time yet added so much pressure to it. We can become controlled by the thought of it, by the notion that more time equals more money…and, especially for those who don’t make a massive hourly wage, the equation is Stress + Time = More Money.

If we take a look back at the history of the human race we can see the change in men and how present they were in the lives of their communities. Thousands of years ago time was only seen in revolutions of the sun. The particular hours of the day were not overly important. A person just had to get as much done during sunlight as possible in order to hunt, and then in order to ensure the crops were grown and harvested. With the invention of the clock and the day job we’ve become more and more reliant on knowing EXACTLY what time it is. Men are spending more and more time away from home / family / community in order to put their time into something that will give them just enough money to ensure their families have food, shelter, warmth and entertainment.

This is a noble cause, and I congratulate any man that is able to provide for his family again and again and again. What I would like for you to get from this message, though, is that Time is a finite commodity. Not for the universe, but for a man. Once it is spent it cannot be returned, refurbished, bought again, reused, altered, doubled up, invested for the future, or in any other way manipulated. Time will pass whether you like it or not.

Comedian Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live and he joked about being a man coming home from work and dreading seeing an over-hyper child ready to “play with daddy”. (Click here to see the clip)

While very funny, and probably very true for many men, the fact of the matter is that Time with your child can NEVER be returned. If you miss it now, you will have missed it forever.

We spend so much time being stressed about time that we miss the present moment. We spend so much time worrying about work in the future that we rob ourselves and our loved ones of focused attention in the moment. We spend so much time fretting and regretting over the past that we take ourselves RIGHT OUT of the things that are happening around us that most of our lives are not lived experiencing the wonderment of NOW.

Acclaimed author, Eckhart Tolle, nailed that concept in his book The Power of Now (Kindle version on Amazon), but for me, the concept wasn’t framed contextually enough for me to understand it until someone actually yelled in my face, “YOU’RE MISSING THE F-ING PRESENT MOMENT!”

So, let this blogpost be me yelling that in your face. (Minus the swearing since that’s not really my style.)

Make THIS time count and give your full, focused attention to it. Then do the same thing with the next moment and the following situation and every time you meet a new person and every time you say “good job” to your kid and “I love you” to your partner.

Next blogpost: Our most valuable currency: Relationships

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