What if you showed up as the man you were meant to be?
9 Ways to Improve your Relationships

My first semi-automated, fully guided transformational program for men! Based on my ebook, "9 Ways You May Be Unknowingly Destroying Your Relationship".

Have you ever wondered why things continuously happen the same way, leaving you in the same position you've always been?

Do you have those moments where it looks like something is going to change for the better then BAM back to square one?

How much time do you spend each week in some sort of stress, worried how someone else might be feeling, or worried how they'll react?

What if I told you in 9 weeks you could change the way YOU show up in the world and it will MASSIVELY, POSITIVELY affect the way other people respond to you! Spouses, children, parents, partners, friends, business partners, employees, bosses, associates, teachers, students...any or all of can change your relationships with them for the better in 9 weeks or LESS.

Men are raving about this program!

"Two weeks ago, I took a huge leap of faith in my self and chose to believe what Kevin Bruce Scott believed about me....that I was so much more than the person I had allowed myself to be. Even being a mentor, business owner and finance professional, I had not transferred my professional confidence to my personal beliefs. In only a week....that's right the FIRST WEEK....this program has opened my eyes to the truth.....that my professional and personal life are not meant to be lived by two different people....but by one amazing and incredible man loving and living wholeheartedly and "all in".

I have to say, even not being in a relationship, ...this program has helped me rekindle and set afire the most important relationship I could ever invest in.....the one I have with the person see in my bathroom mirror. My 4 youngest daughters mother fighting terminal cancer; my clients across the country and all those in my future who will come to love me and share in my life.....thank you Kevin for helping me become the man I'm becoming through this program."  - Gerald, USA


The 9 Ways to Improving your Relationships course is literally life-changing. We take 9 weeks in your life and change on the fly - no hours sitting in front of a computer, no travel, no more money being spent on upgrades during the course, just you, your life, your relationships. It will challenge you (again, literally! There are weekly challenges to do, so you don't have to spend time trying to figure out how to integrate what you learn!), it will inspire you (I am so passionate about this you can't help but get excited!), it will amaze you, (more importantly, YOU will amaze you at how fast you see results when you take on the challenges!), it will turn you from being the person that stuff happens to into the person who makes stuff happen!

The ENTIRE 9 weeks of guided transformation is $750.00 USD. It is an investment in your future. It is an investment in your family. It is DEFINITELY an investment in your business. Men have seen DRAMATIC improvements in their income DURING this program...just by making shifts to the way they communicate to themselves and others.

"Having worked closely with Kevin for the past two months has completely changed the way that I think about and show up in my relationships. All of my relationships. The relationships I have with my wife, my kids, my family, my friends, my boss, my coworkers and so many others have all improved as a result of the transformational work that I have done with Kevin. It has truly changed my life. For anyone looking to improve all of their relationships, I cannot recommend highly enough, working with Kevin."  - Nick, Australia

I've even made it easier to afford by breaking the payments into 3 monthly chunks of $250.00 USD. Yeah, you can pay over 3 months for a 9 week course! Why would I do that? Because I want you to get excited EACH month that you're putting money towards a brighter future for yourself. The first step in making changes in your relationships is making subtle changes to the way YOU show up for yourself and for others. Just by being on this website, reading these words, you're ALREADY changing the course of your future for the better. You're sending energy into positive change which tells the universe to send you MORE positive change! And by signing up for this program you'll send MASSIVE waves of positive energy out into the world and you'll begin seeing positive shifts in the way things happen for you!


Here's how the 9 Ways Program works: Within 24 hours of signing up for the program you'll receive an email from (that's me!) with a Welcome video and my sincerest gratitudes. I recognize that this is the first step in separating you from the boys. Very few men ACTUALLY attempt to improve their lives through coaching, but those who do change the world!

It is at this time that you are welcome to join The Masculine Expansion Facebook group. This is a group of like-minded men, all working on themselves, trying to be the best role model in their communities. In this group there are even MORE challenges, and we tackle the 4 Masculine Archetypes - Wizard, Warrior, Lover, and Leader. (You will have the option of continuing on in this group, AFTER the 9 Ways Program has completed, for $111.00 USD / month)

The next day you will receive your Week 1, Way #1 Challenge Video. In this video I will cover the first way men unknowingly destroy their relationships (as corresponding to the ebook) then give you distinct challenges to accomplish during your week. Half way through the first week you'll receive another email with a Check-in Video to keep you accountable and give you some tips and pointers on how to achieve the challenge.

One week following the Week 1 Video you'll receive the Week 2, Way #2 Challenge Video. This entire process continues for 9 weeks, covering all 9 Ways. In these 9 weeks of guided transformation you WILL change the way you show up for yourself, you WILL learn things about yourself you didn't know, and you WILL forever feel like you have more opportunities to improve your life than you've ever had before!

The only thing standing between you and having the best relationships of your life, both intimate and business, is a click of a button. The future is waiting for the new you.


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