Embracing My Masculinity

Four years ago I had an “AHA!” moment. It was a life-changing, direction-altering, path-laying, opportunity-opening moment that I could not ignore. (If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve recently had your “AHA!” moment as well.)

I had the sudden realization that I had never truly used the gifts of Masculinity I was given as a man to my full potential. All men have them…few understand how to use them to improve their lot in life.

Most of us are taught, from a young age, to ignore the pain, whether it be physical or emotional, and soldier on regardless. And while this is a great trait to be able to harness, it also limits us in our ability to go after the things that make life more exciting! We get caught in the responsibility of taking care of others which IS noble and partially fulfilling, but we forget what it is that WE want. We create lives that wall us in to a comfort zone so strong and filled with thoughts of “What I’m doing is RIGHT” that we are blinded to the possibility of having jobs, relationships, and finances that we can be passionate about, and have more excitement and enjoyment than we could ever imagine!

I had always thought of myself as a “man of integrity” but when I took a hard, honest look at myself, my actions, my behaviours, and my thoughts I came to the conclusion that I very rarely did the things I told myself I was going to do. Also, I would give up on new projects or entrepreneurial ventures after a setback or two. I was a great starter but I could not call myself a finisher.

I wanted to change who I was being. I needed to change who I was showing up as. My life was an endless cycle of going to a job I hated, drinking far too much (in order to disguise the pain of not truly enjoying my life), having surface relationships which never amounted to anything, drinking a pot of coffee every morning just to get enough energy to go back to work. It was an unhealthy cycle that was leading nowhere and only the man that dwelled within me, who I had never really accessed…or even knew how to access, or even knew existed, could bring me out of.

I had never considered the fact that I could change who I was. I assumed I was who I was and that was it! How does a man change from being someone who takes care of everyone else, never thinking of what he wants, never wanting to really challenge his superiors for fear of losing his job, and fearful of disappointing his partner or family in case they lose faith in him?

He finds someone who holds space for his growth as a man. He finds someone who, without judgement of his past or the mistakes he makes in his present journey, supports and encourages this embracing of Masculinity he has never done before.

I was lucky enough to have someone do that for me. And now I do that for other men.

Join the Effortless Alphas. Become the man you’ve only dreamed of being: the man who stands up for himself and what he wants, the man who makes shit happen.

Kevin Bruce Scott

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