Effortless Alpha Facebook Group

Click Here and request to join the BEST BROTHERHOOD on the PLANET! We are not just a group of men but an action-oriented team of Masculinity. This is a closed, secure group!


Effortless Alpha Facebook Group

Q) Is the group free or do I have to pay?

The Facebook group is free! But the value is incredible and the brotherhood is strong!

Q) Do I have to do anything to get into the group?

You have to ask to join. Nobody will do that for you. Just answer the question that pops up during your request to join and you’re in!


TWOM (The Word Of Man)

Q) How many people are on the calls?

The group continues to grow every day. The trainings are done either on Zoom or Kevin will do a Facebook Live. It’s best to be there live, but all trainings are always available for replay as long as you’re in the group.

Q) How long do the calls last?

We set aside one hour for each call but they sometimes go up to 15 minutes longer.

Q) When are the calls?

We do once per week, usually Wednesday at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

Q) How long is the commitment?

The commitment is yours to make. No man is held to a length of time but the suggested minimum is 3-6 months. Less than that and you wouldn’t be giving yourself the opportunity for real growth.

Q) What kind of coaching does Kevin Bruce Scott do?

Kevin coaches men to understand, embrace and expand what makes them masculine. He is amazing at getting men to tackle and accomplish more goals, especially stubborn ones (goals, not men), and his accountability coaching is top notch.

Kevin specializes in relationship coaching for men. Intimate and business relationships dramatically improve in a VERY short time when coaching with him.

Q) How do I know if this is the right program for me and not one of the others?

Best bet is to get on a one-on-one preliminary call with Kevin Bruce Scott to find out if you’re a fit to work together and what program fits you best. It’s 60 minutes of coaching (not just a discovery call) and at the end, if you both feel you can work together, Kevin will place you in the best program for you. The preliminary call is $1111 USD.

To schedule a Preliminary Call click here:

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