Does This Sound Familiar?

I have had 6 jobs in my life, all of them lasting more than 2 years, one as high as 7. And in each and every one of them I have only risen to a level where I began working for a boss I just couldn’t stand. Even my current job. So why continue to put myself through this? Clearly the universe is trying to tell me to do it myself, to be my own boss. But what can I do? My passions are watching/playing sports and acting. Acting is hard to get paid for unless you’re “lucky” and I’m too old to get back into competitive sports, let alone train enough to be good enough to get paid. What can I do? I have no talents outside of doing what I already know how to do. What if I try something and all my friends and family think I’m an idiot for doing it. Or worse yet, I do it, it fails, then I look stupid and I’ve wasted a ton of time and money that I could have been spending on my current job…which I really don’t enjoy anymore.
Sound familiar? These are the voices in our heads keeping us from growing, evolving, and having a life that we love to live!
We can’t blame those voices though. They’re doing their job. Their job is to keep us safe. And comfort is safety.
We’ve evolved past needing to constantly be on the lookout for predators or hiding in caves for safety so our minds have evolved to protect us from “possible” harms emotionally and mentally.
The voices don’t have to control our lives, though! We have a secondary mechanism in our minds – consciousness. We can actually choose to override these voices and do whatever we want.
Most of us get around 80 years to live this life. Most of us let the voices direct us. In every moment we are making a choice: to allow the voices to win or to take action in spite of them.
Will these voices ever go away? No. They will adapt and evolve and grow so that when we adapt, evolve and grow they will try to keep us down, keep us comfortable at that next level. But we WILL BE AT THE NEXT LEVEL!
Take one step in the direction of your chosen future today. Just one.  Feel the power, the excitement, the desire for more it gives you to accomplish it, no matter how small. Embrace that feeling…and tomorrow read this again…and take another step.
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Effortless Alpha Protocol – Mission Statement

In the mirror

The Effortless Alpha Protocol empowers men to have the freedom to live a life of integrity. 

To me, that statement means everything. There are many different ways to interpret it depending on one’s definitions of “empower”, “freedom” and “integrity”.
Allow me to break it down so anyone can better understand my purpose for the Protocol.
“Empowers men…” means giving unending, unparalleled and unwavering support. Men that are a part of the Protocol are actively making changes in their life; big and small, in business, in relationships, and most importantly, in themselves. It is the topmost priority and, dare I say, duty for every other Effortless Alpha to provide the type of support they would want or more. It is in the force created by a power circle of men that a singular man can and will find the most encouraging and uplifting energy to make the changes he desires and continue to maintain them while growing and teaching other men to do the same.
“…to have the freedom…” means to feel like they are able to make the changes they desire. As men we take on the responsibilities of many, whether they are real or not. Many times we will get stuck in a career because it’s something we’re good at and its consistently bringing in income. We can even get stuck in a relationship we don’t truly care for because we’ve associated the feeling of significance with love.
I want to be clear here, the Effortless Alpha Protocol is not a place where men come to drop everything they’re doing and build again from scratch. More often than not the responsibilities in a man’s life are real: home, children, family. So it is our mission to either help make a transition into something more in alignment with what they truly want or just increase the level of passion in their lives and bring back the feelings of wants and desires.
“…to live a life of integrity.” Integrity. This is my trigger word. It gets me fired up, it gives me tingles and it makes me angry. It fills me with excitement and sadness. Why the juxtaposition? Being in Integrity and hearing stories about people who live their lives with ultimate integrity get me completely fired up and leave me wanting more! People who do not live in integrity I feel sadness for. People who directly affect my life in a negative fashion who are not in integrity get me very angry. Also, if I am not in Integrity I feel an intense discomfort in my chest and stomach, to the point of anxiety sometimes. This is how I know it’s my passion word.
I’ve done a ton of research and interviews on the word integrity and how people view it. My definition of integrity is to always be in alignment with your moral values, with what you’re trying to achieve in life, be honest and forthright in your communications. A lot of people explain it as keeping your word or just doing what you say you’re going to do. I find that definition lacking. As long as I’m honest and forthright in my communications I can de-commit from something I said I was going to do because I’m still in integrity with my values.
There is only one person that holds me back from being the best version of myself and that’s me. There is only one person I have to be better than and that’s who I was yesterday. I look in the mirror and I see my competition.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ve been inspired!
Kevin Scott
The Effortless Alpha