THANK YOU SO MUCH for registering for The Word Of Man!!

Welcome aboard!! The next step in your personal evolution is about to begin!


There a couple things I’ll need you to do in order to get you fully immersed in the on-going program:

STEP 1: Friend me on Facebook by clicking here:

STEP 2: Request to join The Word Of Man Facebook group:

STEP 3: Download the Zoom app on your smartphone (We use it for many of our weekly trainings).

STEP 4: When you are approved into the group, do a Facebook Live introducing yourself and letting the other men know why you’re there. Please note: if you’ve never done a Live before, it’s just like talking to people in a group setting but you’re looking at yourself instead of them. Make this the FIRST true step in your evolution by doing something you may not be entirely comfortable with. There is no right or wrong way to show up, there are no “mistakes” you can make except for NOT doing it.

STEP 5: Ensure you have a space to be on the trainings that is free from distraction and makes you feel comfortable and masculine.

STEP 6: Acquire a new journal to take notes in.

STEP 7: Engage in the group as much as you can. Use Facebook as a tool for your own self-development from now on. Instead of just scrolling through, wasting time liking “fail videos” or pictures of food, make TWOM your first stop to post/support/”like” what other men are doing. The more you put into this group the more you will begin to get out of your life. I promise.

STEP 8: Believe in yourself. You CAN do this! I, and every other man in the TWOMbros, will help. We do this together or not at all.



Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a man who is stepping into his true masculine power and changing his life and those of his family and community!