I can still remember the feeling vividly: Wanting to get out of debt but knowing it was such a huge hole to climb out of that just thinking about it made my stomach sink, put me in a cold sweat, and then immediately regret thinking about it.

I remember forcing myself to go to work every day…12 hours a day, 13 days in a row…twice a month…Oh, how I loathed that job. But it paid the bills…just barely. Plus I was constantly away from my family. But what else could I do?

I was stuck. So stuck. So afraid of taking a day off, or taking a vacation (not that I could afford it) that I sacrificed my happiness so I could “someday” be happy. Once I was out of debt things would turn around.

I didn’t want to think of the debt, the feeling of it made me want to drink…so that’s what I did. I drank because it took away the pain of the pressure of daily life, if only temporarily. Sadly, the pain was back every morning when the alarm went off and I forced myself to go to work again.

Something needed to change because I was fed up with struggling on the low end of the scale. And it had to be more than just a new year’s resolution (those never worked for me), more than just a mind game with myself (cuz I wasn’t winning them), more than a promise (they’re too easy to break)…

This had to be a COMMITMENT.

I had to feel it right to my bones that I was committed to making a change in my life, that no matter what happened I would see it through until I succeeded.

I had to COMMIT in front of others, have them witness my resolve, believe my truth that this was the start of a new way of being for me.

I had to COMMIT in front of my family…and not let the looks and comments of “we’ll see” and “you’ve said that before” deter me from my goal.

That was 3 years ago…

Today, I run a wildly successful business with my fiancee, I track my finances every day, and we are in a far better financial situation than I had even dreamed was possible when I made the COMMITMENT!

I feel so secure in my finances, more secure in my relationship, I’ve never been happier and I literally feel more masculine.

And from that single COMMITMENT I have been able to realize my potential in other areas of my life!

I used to think I was the skinny guy who couldn’t gain muscle…until I COMMITTED to finding out and now I love the muscular man I see in the mirror. And my fiancee does too!! 😉

I used to lose my temper really quickly and spend a lot of my time in a frustrated state…until I COMMITTED to breathing through the first moments of stress and realizing that I could maintain a much happier, mostly stress-free life just by changing my responses.

Any man can do this. I will show you how.


An experiential program designed for any man to change the outlook on his life fast. This is better than a resolution, better than a program where you sit, watch, and end up with a bunch of notes you’ll never read again…

Take this leap with men who are in the same boat as you. You will do this for yourself, with others, for your family, with accountability…you will make a COMMITMENT.

This is the program that has been placed in front of you TODAY because you’ve been searching for so long for THE thing that’s going to finally work for you.

How much has is cost you already, NOT having what you want, NOT being the man you know you could be?
How much effort has been wasted? How much time has been spent feeling sorry for yourself that you haven’t achieved what you’ve set out to achieve?

The COMMIT-MENTM is the answer you’ve been seeking.
It starts January 7th, 2019.
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